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PalletLogistics LLC


The company Pallet Logistics in the process of production of pallets and pallets uses a large amount of lumber. We are interested in establishing long-term relations with suppliers throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus. With our specification for sawn timber, please see below.






We purchase on a regular basis pallet stock for our own production, for the domestic market 120 m³ per day. Pickup.


1st grade. Pallet preparation.


Sawing dimensions of boards (in millimeters):  

21 х 98 х 1200
21 х 143 х 1200
21 х 143 х 800  


Sawing dimensions (in millimeters):


78 х 98 х от 1200 до 6000
78 х 143 х от 1200 до 6000 




Width, Thickness: 0/+3 мм.   Длина: 0/-1 мм.


Wood species:


Pine, spruce, drying fir, alder, birch. Aspen is just a 1200 mm long board. and timber! Poplar is NOT allowed!

Moisture of wood:



Not allowed for 1st grade:


Ozol more than 5 cm, pencil survey, sharp survey, blue more than 10%, bark, rot, mold, wormhole, damage from insects, cracks, paint marks, drop knots, knots more than 5 cm in diameter, sawing wave, wrong the geometry of the board and timber, the dimensions are smaller or larger than the permissible (with an insignificant amount in the package (bundle) the board (bar) will be recalculated (a) at the price of the 2nd grade).

* Packing (bundles) with sawdust (wood dust) is not allowed. 

The recommended loading of the truck is 27-30 m3 in terms of the positions as a percentage (load lateral):


21 х 98 х 1200- 20%
21 х 143 х 1200- 25%
21 х 143 х 800 – 25%


78 х 98 х от 1200 до 6000- 20%
78 х 143 х от 1200 до 6000- 10%


* We also buy the second sort of pallet billet.

Sincerely, Head of Purchasing Pavel Antonov.

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