Europallets production & logistics roundwood processing equipment
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Euro-pallets, wooden

We control compliance with our Standard for the production of pallets, and therefore we guarantee you a stable product quality. We comply with European standard.

. The standard design of our pallet is used in such industries as the production of consumer goods, food, beverages, in freight transport and in logistics complexes.

The pallet is made of edged lumber. Wood of any kind (spruce, pine, aspen, alder), which meets the requirements of GOST 8486-86 or GOST 2695-83. The pallet deck, having a thickness of 21-22 mm, consists of five boards alternating in order - wide (143-145 mm), narrow (98-100 mm), wide, narrow, wide. Distance between the boards does not exceed 4.5 cm, length 1200 mm. Three transverse boards measuring 22x145x800 mm. The pallet stands on nine "checkers" -frame six with the dimensions 78x100x145 mm, the middle three 78x145x145 mm. The pallet has chamfers on the three lower boards, as well as chamfers on the corners.

Euro pallets that have undergone phytosanitary treatment according to the ISPM 15 standard, bearing the IPPC mark.

We invite to cooperation of consumers, buyers of euro pallets. on mutually beneficial terms.

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