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PALLET FLAT WOOD 800 * 1200 * 144

We control the compliance with your Standard for the production of pallets, and therefore we guarantee you a stable product quality. We comply with GOSTs. The standard design of our pallet is used in such industries as the production of consumer goods, food, beverages, in freight transport and in logistics complexes.

The pallet is made of edged lumber. Wood of any kind (spruce, pine, aspen, alder), which meets the requirements of GOST 8486-86 or GOST 2695-83. The pallet deck, having a thickness of 21-22 mm, consists of five boards alternating in order - wide (143-145 mm), narrow (98-100 mm), wide, narrow, wide. Distance between the boards does not exceed 4.5 cm, length 1200 mm. Three transverse boards measuring 22x145x800 mm. The pallet stands on nine "checkers" -frame six with the dimensions 78x100x145 mm, the middle three 78x145x145 mm. The pallet has chamfers on the three lower boards, as well as chamfers on the corners.

Euro pallets that have undergone phytosanitary treatment according to the ISPM 15 standard, bearing the IPPC mark.

Carrying capacity: 2000 kg.

High-quality, reliable, easy-to-use pallets used or new are a profitable offer of our company. This is a demanded and long-lasting non-mechanized equipment, which has universal application.

  • If you decide to buy wooden pallets in our company, you can count on guaranteed quality products. All loading and unloading works will be safe for people, and for the cargo they transport on pallets.

  • Durable and large enough pallets can be successfully used in the work of the warehouse complex. They will improve logistics and optimize all work processes, make storage of materials or goods quality and safe.

  • With the help of pallets, loading operations can be greatly simplified, especially if they concern oversized cargo. In this case, there is no need to purchase an expensive non-standard packaging for transportation.

  • In the storage room, the cargo on the wooden pallet is much more convenient to store, it will not touch the floor surface.
  • Also, the use of our pallets will facilitate the work of the warehouse staff. It is easier to maintain order and cleanliness in a room, to monitor the state of the stored one.
  • The cargo on pallets can be installed in railway cars, for example, for transportation to a long distance. This is advantageous and convenient in terms of costs, in time.

Convenient pallets facilitate both transportation and loading and unloading, reduce their cost. We recommend to buy pallets in bulk at a reasonable price, we guarantee the quality and durability of each design. With this equipment, you can more conveniently organize many works at your production plant, in a warehouse complex or in a shopping center.

You choose from the proposed equipment the option that best suits your business needs.


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