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Sawn Timber in China

Sawn Timber in China
Sawn Timber in China

The cost of imports of coniferous sawn timber to China in May 2014 increased by 25.9% year on year to $ 2.64 billion. After a slowdown in 2013, the rise in the housing market in the country triggered a boom in roundwood and sawnwood. In the coming years, villagers will move to cities, the demand for cheap housing will continue to grow, and by 2015. China Forestry Agency predicts a serious deficit of wood products.

Leading suppliers and main competitors in the Chinese market are Canada and Russia: in the III quarter. 2013 Canada supplied coniferous sawn timber to China for $ 390.6 million, Russia - $ 336.8 million.

The average import prices for products from the two countries are approximately equal ($ 193 from Canada and $ 190 from Russia in 2012) - sea shipments from Canada through the Pacific Ocean are even cheaper than rail deliveries from Russian factories. Because of this, the cost of sawn timber is compared, although export prices for Canadian products are higher.

European producers this year, China literally benefits, compensating for the fall in the home market. Finland and Sweden since the end of 2012 have increased their supplies several times, however, in absolute terms, exports to China remain low.


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