Europallets production & logistics roundwood processing equipment
223039 Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, a/g Hatejino, st. Aksakovschina 6.

Pallet Logistic - production and sale of new wooden pallets. Supply of European roundwood processing equipment.

Pallet Logistics is a company operating on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. For a relatively short period of its work, the company was able to organize its own production of pallets in the Republic. Thanks to the constructive relationship with the consumers of our products, we are constantly developing, we are supplying pallets throughout Belarus, Russia and Europe, thereby constantly improving the level of service and quality of service for our customers.

We also supply European equipment of leading manufacturers for roundwood processing. We offer a range of different machines, from sawmills, sorting and debarking lines to equipment for processing wood waste. We cooperate with reliable partners from a group of European countries, such as Germany, Finland, Italy, Poland and others. We value our reputation and take great care of the needs of our customers. Individual approach is the main principle, on which we rely in our work. Turning to our company, you get access to high-quality and inexpensive equipment that can be purchased on mutually beneficial terms.


Company's mission


We see our purpose un creating a list of pallet services on the territory of our native Belarus,which could satisfy the wishes of any client from anywhere in the country.That is why in our work we use an individual approach  and constructively solve existing problems. 


Purpose of the company


To achieve the mission of the company, we pay special attention to the service and the quality of our products.Thanks to this,we not only increase sales volumes,but also create the most favorable conditions for their partners for their development.


Tasks of the company


  • we take care of the natural wealth of the country: we process only dry and fine wood, minimize waste from timber industry.

  • we constantly strive to produce pallet of even better quality and at an affordable price;

  • We build with our partners a respectful and trusting relationship, bringing them a minimum of care and maximum satisfaction;

  • we understand that business in Belarus should be more socially responsible, that's why we always strive to help not only our employees in their personal problems, but also to be closer to those people who are in desperate need of it.

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